Keep Your Customers Hooked!

Retain & Generate Customers in A Revolutionary Way

Kermalk is the newest & most effective way for businesses to improve revenue by rewarding customers so they visit you sooner and more frequently.

Customize your rewards the way you want

The faster they return, the greater the reward

Specify your rewards across 5 levels. Customize and define exactly how you want to reward new and returning customers with unlimited options. When it comes to your rewards, the sky's the limit.

Setup your business in 3 simple steps


Sign up and get your restaurant or cafe listed on our network of businesses

Specify Kermalk Levels & Duration

● First time offer
● Platinum, Gold, Silver offers
● Anytime offer

Specify The Minimum Spend

To ensure maximum profit, you can specifiy minimum amount for spend

Help your business to gain a larger market share

Give your new customers a reason to try you and old customers a reason to come back

By leveraging the fast paced preferences of today’s generation, you can deliver rewards from day one

Available at February 2020 on App Store & Play Store in Saudi Arabia

Kermalk VS other Apps

Kermalk stands out as a leader and innovator a solution that will let you generate more revenue and faster than you imagined.

Totally Free

No Vouchers, No Coupons,
No Limitations

Unlimited Usage

No additional costs for customers

Clear Rewards

Customers get rewarded with clear value for every time they visit

Ultimate Flexible

No specific discount rules that need to be followed

Watch the power of Kermalk get your customers hocked. As you leverage FOMO, both new and old customers will find their way through your doors.


Mobile searches for “personalized” have grown by over 60% in the past two years

Google Data, U.S., 2018 vs. 2016.

Mobile searches for “rewards app” have grown by over 90% in the past two years.

Google Data, U.S., 2018 vs. 2016.

Mobile queries for "simple" + "ideas" have grown by over 60% over the last two years

Google Data, U.S., April 2016–March 2017 vs. April 2018–March 2019.

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